League of Heroes Inspired is a nonprofit group currently run on a volunteer basis.  We work closely with hospitals, advocacy programs, and other agencies to bring heroes to traumatized, troubled, or disadvantaged children and adolescents to inspire them to grow in a healthy, self-empowered way.

Why superheroes?  Because these are the modern world’s role models: bigger than life, colorful, and experiencing the same trials and tribulations that real people do.  The characters may be fictional, but the minds behind their evolution are very real and very human.  The characters take real-world experiences to give them shape and depth in a way that kids — and adults — can relate to.  When someone with a hearing aid or a terminal illness is seen taking on the world, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with aliens, gods, super-soldiers, and geniuses, it sends the message that anyone is capable of doing great things.


The mission of League of Heroes Inspired is to uphold and encourage the following principles:

  • Self-esteem. Children and adolescents who have been through traumatizing circumstances are known to have lower self-esteem, lessened development of self-regulation, and tendencies towards such conditions as depression. Being able to draw parallels between the youths and favorite characters who are written to have similar backgrounds will provide an alternative perspective on their experiences.
  • Motivation. Along with the aforementioned conditions such as depression comes an inclination towards apathy: “Why should I bother trying if it’s not going to change anything anyway?” The first step to encourage someone towards self-empowerment is to make them want to have a change.
  • Self-empowerment. Seeing other people, fictional or otherwise, who have gone through similar experiences may be what at least some of the youths need to look for alternative methods of improving their circumstances, whether emotionally or otherwise.

Meet the Team

Mitch Darnell, MS, OSM, CRC – Founder
Mitch was inspired by children’s responses when he visited them in hospitals as “Tony The Tiger” for Kellogg’s years ago, founding the League of Heroes Inspired as a result of his intention to make a long-lasting, positive impact on the lives of severely traumatized children.  When not busy with the League, Mitch loves to be snow skiing, SCUBA diving, or reading as means to explore life and this planet!

Briana Milne – Director
Briana’s ambition is to help wounded veterans through physical therapy and helping children become their own heroes.

Cynthia Ochoa – Hospital & Agency Director
Cynthia is currently pursuing a career in medicine with hopes of becoming a Labor and Delivery Nurse. Some of her hobbies include cooking, photography, and reading novels. Her goal as a member of this organization is to reach as many children as possible and to help motivate them to keep pushing forward.

Marjorie Coffey – Therapeutic Director
Marjorie brings her love of comics and experience in teaching to the table, matching up the characters to the children and providing training for volunteers.  She has an MSc in comparative religion and a deep love of anything canine or coffee.

Selselah Bahrami – Communications Director
Selselah is currently in nursing program. Her goal is to become a pediatric nurse and help children around the world. Her hobbies are reading novels, cooking, and  swimming.

Bari Becker
Bari has owned her own software firm for the past 19 years with clients like DMV, KVIE, and SMUD.  She has always been interested and has volunteered for various organizations in the past, and she is excited to be part of LHI.  Bari has a 10 year old son who attends Capital Christians and is a very sweet, sensitive soul who also likes to help out with LHI.


2 Responses to About

  1. Marcie Grill says:

    I’m the principal of a charter working to build a social action theatre high school pathway. We are starting a Sac program out of R25.
    Love to have you present to our kids in the fall! I also have a teen daughter who would love to be involved. I wasn’t sure of your age requirements. We might be able to get you a teen troupe through our program too.

    Also, are the comics you list on Amazon or where do I get a set to share with staff?


    • Hello Marcie, and thank you for contacting The League of Heroes Inspired!!

      First of all, I love your school concept! I have a long background in Education, everything from being the Peer Dispute Mediator at the Natomas Charter School, to Principal of an alternative school in Citrus Heights, to Substitute Teacher to college Psychology Professor! So I GREATLY appreciate the valid, positive opportunity you’re giving many a kid!! Frankly, I’d LOVE to be on Staff – What an awesome environment!!

      Now, YES to your teen daughter being involved! I HIGHLY encourage youth to gain experience, insight into themselves, and connections by volunteering! Maybe we can all sit down over coffee and talk about how to best empower your daughter for an excellent experience!

      Let’s also talk about visiting your school. We would need a “purpose”, even if it’s to teach the kids about The Heroes Journey (Carl Yung’s Archetype work-based)! I believe in living life with purpose to inspire passion. So, let’s find a great reason for The League to visit!!

      Finally, I can check with one of the League’s Leaders who may know where to get specific comics..

      I look forward to discussing all with you at your convenience, Marcie! The League’s eMail is: LHeroesI@surewest.net, where you can contact me more directly, or call: 916/247.1655 – My celPhone!



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