Mountain Mike’s Pizza Social

Come join us on May 6th for pizza, conversation, and an opportunity to find out what we’re all about.  Help us raise some funds with raffle tickets and also have the chance to win some prizes, including some actual comics!


  • Where: Mountain Mike’s Pizza at 7660 La Riviera Dr. Sacramento, CA – 95826
  • When: 5:30-7:30pm


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Did you know? – Hawkeye

The Avengers’ Hawkeye is mostly deaf, wears a hearing aid, and knows sign language.

From Hawkeye #19 over on Bleeding Cool.

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We are the League of Heroes Inspired, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing superheroes from the page to real life in order to inspire the kids that love them so much.  Kids that have gone and are going through traumatic circumstances illness, abuse, neglect, among other things are as much heroes in their own right as Superman and Iron Man, but sometimes just need a reminder of that.

LHI was founded in Sacramento, CA, by counselor and psychotherapist Mitch Darnell.  It’s run by a team of volunteers looking for more volunteers wanting and willing to do what they can to empower kids and adolescents.  Ever wanted to be Batwoman, Cinderella, or She-Hulk?  Now you can!  And make a kid’s day in the process.

Check out our About page, then click over to Volunteering and contact us.  We hope to hear from you soon!

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